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NİMA has a great contribute to the industrialization and modernization of Turkey since the beginning of it is establishment and some vital project has accomplished by NİMA. That’s why we became popular among Turkish market.

NİMA  developed it is business relations with all foreign companies to introduce their highly qualified products  to Turkish market. Such idea provided the opportunity to have business agreement with more than 13 big companies in all over the world.                                           

From the beginning of our history we used to stock military products to supply the basic need of military. A special team of NİMA usually follows the military tenders and gives  useful information about new development and progress in defense technology in the world. 
After the confirmation of military officers we supply them these new technology. Here is a short biography of NİMA.
NİMA ELEKTRİK established in the year 1970. Since it is establishment NİMA shows well performance in the field of it is professionally. NİMA is situated in Bankalar road which is known as the heart of electric and electronic in Istanbul.
25.000 variety of electric, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic  parts can be  found in our stocks. Having such a big capacity we are the seller and representative and distributor of such big  foreign companies from all over the world. All of these abilities make possible to transfer new technology in Turkish market.